Intrinsically Safe, Separator ESD System with Annunciation

Product Description

Intrinsically Safe, Separator ESD System with Annunciation

*  ELIMINATES pneumatic freeze ups
*  Class1 Div 1, NOT just Div2, Which means the controller can mount INSIDE your Separator Building out of the elements
*  Green light good, or Red light bad, on the Annunciation panel, means Easy Operation for fast troubleshooting when the well is down
*  GUARANTEED 6 months of battery operation with no sunlight
* built in battery monitor with low power shut down and indicator light
* Up to 1/2 km possible distance for signal wire length
*  INTRINSICALLY SAFE, means no cumbersome Teck cable and Explosion Proof connectors or Fittings required ( see picture of silver single pair wire )
**  ZERO failure of over 400 units in the field

Product Operation

Normally Closed switches such as a Tank Hi Level , or a separator high pressure etc, are connected to the input channels on the I.S. controller.

In the event that any one of these devices trips, the signal is open, or “lost”.

The I.S. Controller will see this signal loss, the status light for that specific alarm will change from green to red.

At this time  the I.S. Controller signals the I.S. solenoid, releasing the pneumatic pressure to the ESD valve, and shuts the well in.

The status light for the valve changes from green to red.
Once the Alarm has been cleared,( the tank level has been lowered), simply press the “Reset” button to return the ESD valve to open.



IS1400 & IS1720

Innovative Solar was formed in 2004.
We supply Intrinsically Safe, Class 1 Div 1 Solar powered Separator Alarm / Annunciator Control Systems.


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All products are made for us by CSA approved manufacturers, and assembled in our CSA approved assembly shop in Red Deer, Alberta.

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